Investment and Wealth Management


Investment and wealth management allows deposit operations on customer’s account, including the purchase, redemption and enquiry of fixed deposit, call deposit, and structured deposit.

Corporate Loan


Include loan application, enquiry of application progress, My Loan, and Simulated Loan Calculation.

Task Center


Include authorization of business transfer and remittance, account management authorization, management desk authorization, investment and wealth management authorization, corporate loan authorization and finished matters.

Corporate Management Platform


A platform designed to maintain business management, with functions of corporate information enquiry, operator information management, account limit maintenance and authorization mode maintenance.

Cash Management


Include auto investment enquiry, fixed-current transfer account enquiry and group fund pool enquiry.

Account Management


Be responsible for enquiry of customer’s internet banking account and management, including account overview, account enquiry, margin account enquiry, account details enquiry and electronic statement.

Trade Service


Include enquiry of L/C issuance and enquiry of L/C notices.

Customer Service


Include Internet banking charge enquiry, financial information enquiry, and financial calculator. Financial information enquiry consists of deposit interest rate enquiry, loan interest rate enquiry, FX rate enquiry, and enquiries of various banking charges. Financial calculator consists of deposit calculator, loan calculator, national debt yield calculator, FX calculator and wealth management product calculator.

Transfer and Remittance


Be responsible for transfer occurred in corporate customer’s account, including XIB remittance, interbank remittance, remittance status enquiry, maintenance of payee information, batch transfer and salary payment, fund pooling, SWIFT remittance application, and FX settlement and purchase.

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