Account Management


“My Account” allows basic function operations, including My Account Enquiry, Account Details Enquiry, Account Setting and Loss Report.

Transfer and Remittance


Allow payment operations on a customer’s account, including rapid remittance, transfer between registered accounts, smart remittance, XIB remittance, Interbank remittance, Transfer on appointment, Inquire My Payee and transfer detail enquiry.



The function to make payments, online payments and entrusted withholding.

Personal Loan


Offer customers self-service loans, including personal credit loan, personal auto loan, personal residential mortgage loan and pledge loan.

Investment and Wealth Management


Allows payment operations on customer’s account, including transfer among fixed and current accounts, call deposit, contracting on entrusted wealth management products, subscription of entrusted wealth management products, redemption of entrusted wealth management products, revocation of subscription of entrusted wealth management products, wealth management preference test, customer wealth management analysis and management, interbank cooperative wealth management business, and application for wealth management planning report.

Cash Management


Include Account Sweep, Fixed-Current transfer, auto investment and financial analysis.

Customer Service


Include Security Center, Select a Language, Service and Information related.

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