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Fixed-Current Linked Deposit refers to the service that XIB automatically transfers customers’ idle funds from current account into time deposit or call deposit on the pre-agreed terms at the end of daily business, and the fixed deposits will automatically change into current deposits when there are not sufficient funds in customers’ current deposits . It is a new wealth management service to meet the dual requirements of profits from fixed deposits and convenience of current deposits.



This product provides customers with higher returns while meeting daily settlement needs.



Customers who have highly liquid funds and may have large sum of idle funds at certain time point.

Basic Requirements


1. Each transaction made through the Fixed-Current Linked Account shall involve at least RMB 50,000 or equivalent foreign currency.

2. Currencies: RMB, USD, HKD;

3. The Fixed-Current Linked Account Agreement need to be signed with XIB;

4. Term of the aforesaid contract shall be no less than 3 months and no more than 1 year.

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