Personal Banking

Formal report of loss


In the case of loss of passbook or certificate of deposit, customer will need to send a written report to his/her XIB branch (the opening bank) in person with valid ID card, and provide necessary information including the depositor’s name, date of opening account, type of savings, amount, A/C No., address, etc. If authorized person is present instead, his/her ID card and proxy are required as well. The lost bank card, passbook or certificate of deposit is invalid once the reporting procedure is completed.

After all the formalities, customers will need to submit a loss reporting application form with valid ID to apply for a new passbook/certificate of deposit and replace or revoke the lost one at the XIB counter where the loss was reported previously. If the loss reporting application form is lost or damaged, customer will need to go through the same formal procedures as reporting the loss of passbook or certificate of deposit.

Temporary report of loss


Customers will need to make a temporary loss report of passbook or certificate of deposit if there is a reason that he/she cannot make a formal report on the loss. The lost passbook or certificate of deposit cannot be used during a 15-day validity period of the temporary report.. Customers still need to make a formal report of loss within this 15-days period. Otherwise, the temporary report will be cancelled after the validity period expires.

Password Re-set


 Customers can reset password of the passbook or certificate of deposit at the XIB outlet if the old one has been forgotten. Password can only be reset by depositor in person with his/her passbook or certificate of deposit and own ID card.

Release Report of loss


In order to release the report of loss at the same XIB outlet where the report is made, customers will need to supply the passbook or certificate of deposit reported lost, as well as the valid ID card and the loss reporting application form. The release of loss report can only be made by the customers in person.

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