Personal Banking



Personal call deposit refers to the service that customers don’t set deposit terms in the first place until withdrawal. Customers should notify the bank in advance to make a reservation to withdraw funds at appointed time and amount. Personal call deposit consists of RMB call deposit and foreign currency call deposit.



Flexible deposits and withdrawals; call the bank in advance to withdraw funds on the agreed terms; no limitations on fixed terms; higher earnings than current deposit.



1. Customers who have idle funds which will be used at uncertain time.

2. Customers who have higher requirements for earnings.

Basic Requirements


1. By call terms, RMB call deposit has two types: 1-day call and 7-day call; the call term of foreign currency call deposit is seven days only.

2. Foreign currency call deposit is available in USD and HKD.

3. The minimum deposit amount of RMB call deposit is RMB 50,000 (inclusive). The principals will be deposited in a lump and may be withdrawn at one time or at multiple times. Each withdrawal must be no less than RMB 50,000, and when the account has, if partial withdrawal is made, a balance less than the minimum deposit amount, the account shall be cleared;

4. The minimum deposit amount and withdrawal amount of foreign currency call deposit are both USD 5,000 (inclusive) or its equivalent amount in any other foreign currency.

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