Personal Banking



All-in-one fixed account is a comprehensive, multi-currency fixed savings account offered to customers. The All-in-one fixed account allows multiple transactions of both RMB and foreign currency deposits and withdrawals.



1. Clear financial information, convenient for account reconciliation and maintenance.
2. Allow various time deposit transactions.
3. Convenient to customers and allow customer to manage multiple time deposits through one account.



Individuals who have idle RMB or foreign currency fund or have multiple time deposits in different currencies.

Basic Requirements


1. See the Basic Requirements under “Personal deposit and Time Deposit withdraw in lump-sum”.
2. Password must be set in advance when opening the All-in-one fixed account.
3. Customers may apply to regularly transfer deposits in All-in-one fixed account into a Personal deposit and Time Deposit withdraw in lump-sum, or transfer under the same customer to his All-in-one fixed account.

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