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Cross-border remittance consists of cross-border outward remittance and cross-border inward remittance. In a cross-border inward remittance, remittance can be credited into the designated beneficiary account or the designated receiving bank according to the instruction of the remitting foreign bank. In a cross-border outward remittance, remittance can be credited into a certain account designated by overseas sender as requested by remittance applicant.



1. Safe and fast interbank international clearing network.

2. Simple procedures and low charges.

3. Smooth remittance route and fast funds to the account

4. Remittance in USD can be received in full amount.

5. Inward remittance is free of charge and notice will be sent as soon as the remittance is received.



Domestic or foreign individuals who have the need of overseas outward remittance due to payment of tuition and expenses for overseas study, and those who have the need of overseas inward remittance and payment.

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