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Individual exchange settlement is a service for customers to convert freely convertible foreign currency into RMB or to convert RMB into foreign currency at XIB exchange rate quoted on the day, pursuant to the regulations of State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE). The individual foreign exchange settlement consists of buying of foreign exchange (FX) and selling of FX. Buying of FX refers to the transaction that the customers convert foreign currency into RMB at the real-time XIB exchange rate quoted on the date; and selling of FX refers to the transaction that XIB sells foreign currency to individuals at a certain exchange rate and gets corresponding amount of RMB in return



The service can meet the customers’ needs of buying FX when going abroad or selling FX for RMB. XIB offers exchange service in diverse currencies including USD, HKD, JPY, EUR and GBP.



Domestic or foreign individuals who have the need of exchange settlement due to outbound travel, pilgrimage, family visit, medical treatment abroad, business visit, foreign employment, settlement in foreign country, international communication, trainings in foreign country, other studying abroad, labor dispatch, etc.

Basic Requirements


SAFE carries out annual total amount management for individual exchange settlement and domestic individual exchange purchase, limiting the annual amount per person to USD 50,000.

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